VEPLAS – picatinny visor holder & helmet side rail

Visor holder

The Picatinny visor holder/ visor bracket/ mount bracket has the possibility to be assembled and disassembled on the helmet’s side rails without the use of additional tools. The main feature for the connection to the helmet is the Picatinny rail (according to MIL – STD 1913 standard) located on the holder. The visor holder features three – angle position for the visor adjustment; 5° , 35° and 85°, with the possibility to adjust the face visor distance by moving it forward and back along the helmet’s side rail. Depending on the radius, all types of visors (ballistic or RIOT) can be assembled with the holder. Weight of one complete pair of holders with all screws is 190 g. Material of visor holder is combination from metal and polymer.


Protective cover protects the visor from mechanical damage – scratches.

Placing the cover and removing the cover is simple – the cover is fixated using Velcro tape.

Material: Softshell
Weight: 320 gsm
W/R+BR: 10.000/2.000
Water resistance: 10.000
Breathability: 2.000

Two production plants in Slovenia